Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Finds

Things found at local Gw and CL.

First this picture was found at the GW $3.00 no frame

This chair I have had for awhile it was purchased from CL and recoverd for my guest room but that did not work out, my oldest decided he wanted that room and no longer wanted to share with his brother. Why am I showing you this chair. You'll see.

This was the china we had when I was ten years old I got most of it from my mom and purchase the rest from CL ( not for use only decor and to relive my  childhood).price 30 pieces $20

This silver plated teaset   ( Sheridan) was purchased at the Gw for $25.00  I love all the details.
What a pretty handle.

The creamer.
Ok this was the find of the week This frame is 5ftx  4ft, Can you say wowww.The price $20.00

This Chair is my new love I love all chairs but the frenchy ones I love even more  See that was her long lost cousin before, Since they won't be dressed the same.  Don't be fooled by the tattered clothes she wears I have her pictured in some sort of check with nailhead trim. She is solid walnut , Look at her legs (so beautiful) I am on the hunt for a large red and white check fabric. I see the picture and new chair next  to each other when finished.The problem is where .LOL