Friday, February 13, 2015

My New living Room.

We have moved again! Yes after two years of looking and one year of renting , We found a house that I think will work out just fine!  A great big fixer! These are the before pictures! The way we saw it after the stagers.

So here we are in the Hill Country far away  from almost everything that I am use too. We love it , Did I mention We LOVE it! So  I want to share the before and in the middle of remodel of my formal living room, now I know no one has a formal living room anymore, but I do I love it. I love to walk into a space and its always clean and well kept. So here is the before, This is what the owners who were not living here at the time called "STAGED". FYI  it did nothing to help this house....  Here is what We are in the middle of, We are almost there.

This is the middle of my remodel. So as you can see, the floors have been sanded and refinished and in the living room was the most ugly tile I have ever seen. The tile was ripped out the day after we closed on this house. We painted and proceeded to start with the decorate. The last piece of the remodel is our beautiful fireplace!!!  This will be the end result. See you soon...