Friday, March 29, 2013


Well hello blogland, I know I have been gone for a while, So much has happened in the past few months ( I will get to that later). I have had a lot of issues with blogger and not being able to leave comments some times. So to all that I have visited and not  left a comment  I did try . 
Now on to few new finds. About two months ago I discovered an auction house not too far from where I live. Well it was my first time so I dragged the hubby with me, The moment we walked in this caught my eye.
Now is this not the most awful thing you have ever seen, The paint was bad the left foot was chipped and the inside shelf was missing. (Now I only have this one before picture. ) But still after all that was wrong with it. Somehow it still spoke to me The shape was gorgeous. I was not sure I would get it after all  I had a budget to stay with in and also the fact that the hubby was there he would make sure of that. Well the bidding started at $40 and I kept praying don't go any higher but it did to $50 Ha that was in my Budget. The big surprise was the hubby decided he would purchase it for me. What a sweet guy. ( that's our secret).
Here is the chipped leg was not sure How I was going to fix it.
This is what it should have looked like. you can see the bad bad  Paint job.
This was when she was almost finished. See the new shelf and toile Paper.
This is a close up of the inside.
All finished with old new knobs from the Habitat store. $2.00 for six.
Oh yes the leg was repaired by a master carpenter. $ 20.00
The top on this piece turned out to be walnut. Solid walnut worth $400.00 just the Top.
So in the end I paid about $60 for a piece worth a lot more and I love it.