Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Starting a New..........

Well once again here I am dropping into blogland , When I first stared this blog I thought I  would have the time to share the many projects, new find and tons of everyday things that go  on in life, No such luck. I had a good start thanks to all you fabulous ladies out there but then I found myself with little or no time , there was always something else that needed to get done or a child that had to go somewhere or meal that needed  finishing you get the picture. Now here we are 2014 I want to try again and hopefully this time I will do a little better. Now that being said , On to new things. First off we have moved to a great town in the hills of Austin ( gateway to the hill country).In the next few weeks I will share our home and many new finds and projects.
So to begin I want to leave you with a couple of pictures of my dinning room in the new house and as you can see the buffet from the old house has been refinished to match my table and yes I even found some old (new) French chairs , I so love these chairs. They are distresses so everything is not too  perfect off the showroom floor.
Here you can the mirror and plates I had  in the old dinning room Just flipped around not crazy about the lighting but for now it's ok. Oh see the green chair more to come on that in my next post.
 Thanks for stopping by
Have a great weekend.