Friday, August 10, 2012

New Chairs

New Chairs .....Well I saw these and could not pass them up. The problem being where to put them. I am one of those people that firmly believe if you love it take it home and it will find a place. So I tried it every where and this is where they ended up for now.( wink wink). They are in perfect condition.not a stain or scratch. All wood and I love the cane. As you see all my stuff from the kitchen is in my dining room. (kitchen still being worked on.)

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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ok, well remember when I found a collection of the Johnson brothers OLD BRITIAN CASTLES. It had just the creamer And I just loved it so, I started looking around and was able to find a the teapot (love love love) . My really really really wonderful husband ordered it for me. Now I am on the lookout for the sugar bowl.
  This basket of dishes was purchesed at a garage sale for $20 I just loved the red and white . The first time I saw it I was in love but because I only collected blue and white I passed by, The next year however It came home with me . I guess it was ment for me.

Here is the very pretty creamer. I love the set and It is all from about the 1930s. Very light weight and delicate. Thanks for stopping by.

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