Sunday, January 29, 2012

Part 2 " youngest bedroom "

 I just happened to find these two perfect for this room.
 Here is the boy "mr fox".

 Here is the girl "mrs fox".
Well ,Here I am again still working on I think my favorite room as of lately. These are some pictures so you can see where I am going with this room. This lamp I had it's from hob lob it is the same finish as the headboard, I did not realize this a the time I was refinishing the headboard...It all just seemed to work . There is some more left to do, not a lot but some .See ya soon

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My youngest's ROOM.

This is my youngest son's room he is 7 I did't take any before shots because this room has been an on going project like so many others, but this is on it's way to being finished.I am going for a hunting lodge Ralph Lauren look, I refinised the headboard ,It was a green color . The bedskirt and the throwpillowa are avery small houndstooth,The wall color is a dark gold but for some reason it looks very light.Well still need to work on the dresser,mirror and wing chair and this time i will take before shots.

see ya soon

Somthing not so old new again....

Well hi again, here is my newest addition to my living room not sure how I feel about it yet.I think it needs to be bigger but I am trying to live with it for a few weeks, then I will decide. This  came form my local craigslist ( I can' t stop) .
 This is  a close-up
In relation to the sofa.