Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few treasures.

Ok I thought I would share a few treasures I found a few weeks back. First this silver tea set I got her at an antique mall. I fell in love the moment I saw her.  My almost Finished kitchen in the back ground.


This beauty I found at a local thrift shop, I had to wait two week for her to go on sale , well worth it.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gallery wall.

 Ok remember when I said I was going to do a gallery wall you can read about it here. This is my new Gallery wall. I have collected landscapes for a long time mostly from yardsales, Goodwill ,consignment stores and even the Antique mall. This past summer we went to Paris The most beautiful place in the world to me anyway. One of the many places we went to was the   Lourve, Ok when you are standing in there it's the most amazing feeling, As if you have stepped back in time .As we went from room to room We came across the most  rich red room I have ever seen , and all the paintings were framed in  the most fabulous gold Guilded Frames.Well I wanted that somewhere  somehow and this is my version of  it. I Love It!!! Now I know it's not red but I did do a green room (Formal Living ). Which is almost finshed.
This is the begining .

 Here is a little more.Pardon the book on the stair.
 These are the close-ups .
 This one I have had for at least  four years.
 This one is just ahappy picture.
 This is from the Goodwill.
 This one was an old oil  That was torn in different places so I was able to turn it into Two pictures.
 This is a little tiny one I got at the Antique Mall.
 This one I got at a consignment store.
 And This one I got at the Goodwill for 2.99.
And here is the finished wall. Now notice I still have room for more , Because I am always on the look out for landscapes.
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A Gallery Wall.

Hello all, a long time ago I had a gallery wall right here on this staircase wall then I got board  with it  and took it all down, Well for a while now I have been collecting landscapes in all sizes , then framing them all in the same frame,different sizes Sorry  this  picture is not real clear.( I need a new camera) I plan on having most of this wall up on monday morning,( kids at school) so much more simple.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


A few months I showed you my dining room, which at the time had this chandelier. It came with the house and don't get me wrong I loved it after all it is crystal.But boy does this thing collect dust,plus I was changing all the light fixtures to oil rubbed bronze with crystal of course. You might not know this But I am addicted to the local online sale sites, Always on the hunt for the next find ( come on you know what I mean). well when I saw this gal I had to have her and she had a sister (more on her at a later date). I paid next to nothing for both of them, It's a lot larger than it looks. I am thrilled to death.
The old love.

 It's hard to get a  Good picture  we have had nothing but cloudy days( I think It's time to buy a good camera).
 This is looking the other way .
 Full shot, It looks much better And bigger in person
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tiny Power Room

Hi Everyone I thought I would show you my tiny  power room. So Tiny It's hard to take good pictures. This room also has a lot of color in it, just the way I like it.
Here is the furniture style vanity I bought  five years ago at Kirklands  For $150.00( nothing was wrong with it ) they were getting rid of last year's stock. Boy was I happy All the way home( Mr Rooms not so much since he had to lift it into and out of the truck.

 Here is a close up it 's faux painted and has a brown marble top (love it).
 This is with the Light on It 's so small it' hard to get  a good shot. I did this wallpaper about the same time I got the vanity. I still love it.
 Here is the light fixture Oil rubbed bronze. Purchased at the Great indoors.
 Sorry about the flash I have lot's of things on the top of sink. (I like it that way).
Now this is what you see when doing your business. (He HEHe).

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Coffee Table.

Hello and welcome to another day here at Rooms By Ann. Today  I can' t decide which table to keep.
This is my old table . I love it but need something a little darker.

 This is it in my family room.
 This is my new find I love the black with the inlay of gold around the top.

Here she is in the family room, I can't help but feel she maybe a little small. The thing is I love the look and color so I would want the same thing in a larger size. Can't find it I have been looking.

Table Tops Around The House...

 This is the chest in the entry way .
 This is my coffee table in my den.
 This is a side table in my den.(craigslist find more later).
 This is the side table in formal living room ( not sure how I feel about the wire).
These two are in my kitchen the top is my kitchen table with a mirror I am re-doing,the second is my kitchen counter, Can you tell it's still not finished.You can kind of see what I am hiding in the background. By the way the picture of the bunnies home made (more to come on that).

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Master Bedroom.

Hello everyone today I would like to share my masterbedroom with you. I am in the middle of making a few changes. I am on the hunt for  four large pictures for the wall leading into the mater bathroom.Sit back and get ready for a lot of pics.
This is the view as you enter the room.

 As you can tell I like a mix of fabrics.
 I had this headboard made just for this room because the ceiling are 12 feet tall.
 This is the bench at the end of the bed ( I found it in a consignment store) It needle point.
This is a very old pattern it's been around forever.

I love my headboard It's perfect and very comfortable (great for reading in bed)

Now This tv use to be in the sitting room which is now the office. I am looking for a cabinet that it will lift up from. Not crazy about it but I like to watch tv in bed.
This is a view from the former sitting room now turned office.
This is the messy office , I think this picture says it all.

My fireplace and old french armoire.
Close-up of armiore.
This is the view looking into the master bathroom. I am looking for four large pictures for both sides of the door. I also want a large chair and ottoman to pull in the color of the bombay chests and bring some blue in the room. Yes I want more color.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What going on in the Dining Room..

What's wrong with this wall?

Well remember when I said I was doing a gallery wall well I got side tracked, Instead I wandered into my dining room looked at this wall and felt something was missing, It needed more. Have ever felt like that ?    (Please stop by and follow me on Linky )
First picture.
 Here is the second one.
Here is what I came up with,  putting two of the pictures that was suppose to go on the staircase wall in here .These two pictures I have had forever , just put them in some new hob-Lob frames. I like it. (I really need a better camera).
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