Tuesday, June 8, 2010

why i started this blog..

I started this blog because , I love what I do and wanted to share it with other people just like me ,that I know are out there. So on that note here I go, I really enjoy doing any sort of home decor project, It all in my teenage years ,My first project was my bedroom , this was in the 80s
I ripped all the carpet in my bedroom to reveal the hardwood floors. then wallpapered over all the 70s paneling in the room .Ok I know some of you are thinking why not just rip the paneling out, but remember i was ony 16 at that time ,I then put down an area rug and my mom got me all new matching furniture.

I have come along way since then, I have lived in my current home for the past 10 years I have redecorated each room one at at a time some i have even remodeled. I hope to share pictures of my old as well as new projects, Some of you might be wondering where the thriftshoppe comes in well you will be surprised, not only do i love the thriftshopps, craigslists and anything left on the side of the road that looks like it can be saved I will take it come, I will drive 2hrs to get it and I will repaint ,recover and repair it,

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