Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kitchen coming along slowly

Well this is how the kitchen kitchen looked after the laminate counter had been taken off.
Yes the top of my beloved dish washer ( those of us with kids) you know what i am talking about.
Here she is the granite (Giallo ornamental) I wanted more gold but depending on the light the color changes . I would say this is more olive browns and hint of gold, which I guess in the end worked out perfect for me , the colors in the rest of the house are those colors. It has been 3 days and now i really love it . The truth of it is the hubby made me stick with this one , I was going back and forth for two weeks trying to decide, but I guess in the end he was right (let's not tell him ) you know about him being right.
Here is a close up.
Here you can see i still need to pick out a backsplash get a hood over the cooktop ( will show that later), then decide on weather or not to change color of cabinets.

Thank you to all of my new followers I promise it will get better so stay on this ride with me



  1. What a beautiful kitchen, so bright and spacious! Your new counter is did good! Once we get our master remodel finished we'll be doing the kitchen. Lots of work but will be so worth it...right!!!

  2. That is gorgeous Ann! Your kitchen is going to be sooo dreamy!